For most of us, we know tuition as an extra service to those whose schools have made parents aware that they are needing some extra support with a subject. 

I am sure that we can all relate to this, whether it be for ourselves or our children? 

I for one, never felt any shame as a child that I needed some extra help. I was grateful for it, even though I may have been lazy some weeks and not wanted to leave the house again once I was home from school!!

This was my experience, but what was/is your experience?

As education and society has evolved, so has the support that we can ask for, creating a more wholesome approach to education for our families. 

Here are some additions to think of when you are thinking of enriching your family’s education for life.


Tutoring is so commonly thought of for a child when they get to those ‘important years’ in school, but how about building your child’s confidence before they reach those GCSE years?

Why not offer your child some extra support as they transition into secondary school and are given many new topics to work through in a busy and, for some, challenging environment?

To have tuition from an early start in your child’s school experience could not only boost their confidence but provide them with more knowledge and experience in a topic that allows them to explore topics & subjects at a deeper level. Thus, allowing them to create a deeper relationship with subjects and explore life with more inquisitiveness and excitement. 

Improving exam technique

For some children sitting an exam can feel so daunting that they would rather not do them, whereas for some children, this part of their educational life can feel so normal!

We are all so different, but what is true for every child out there who is aiming towards exams, is that there is a technique that is asked for in their writing and the such. 

In a life of test, test and test, this technique can be learned and will help yout child do the best in those test that is just as important as the subject content itself.

For example, learning how to allocate time to each question so to get the most out of the paper is a must for maximum exam output. 

Timetables and mental load

For many children who I have taught and tutored over the years, they have struggled to find a balance between studying, home life, after school activities and self-care. 

For some children they have found that they and their friends have said they will socialise again once they have finished school. Only to be met with the new demands that after school brings them such as A-Levels or vocational training. 

How would you and your child feel if they were given support from an early age – before their GCSE years, to encapsulate their learning experience into a positive one? This would help to give strong boundaries to make sure their personal lives were created just as powerfully as their school lives, unlocking unlimited potential in their learning?

One doesn’t have to fail for the other to win.

We can all have a positive experience with tuition. 

If you or your child would like to have a chat as to how tuition can help you take your learning to the next level, please book a consultation here

Happy learning

Hannah xxx