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Can you imagine family life with less shouting, more communication, better sleeping and enthusiastic learning?

I know how hard it is to manage both work and family commitments. Routines easily slip; everyone’s tired, not eating as well as they should be. Schoolwork seems like a huge chore, and your children are misbehaving. It can feel like there’s no happy ending in sight. Well, I’m here to tell you that you can have the happy family life you wish for. With a little help from me, we’ll have you caught up with school work, eating healthy and sleeping more in no time!


 Qualified teacher with over twenty years of experience in helping families just like yours

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been known as the person to call when a family needs help. As a teenager, I would babysit young relatives and then when I was old enough to work, I became a nanny, helping friends and relatives to take much-needed breaks. I’ve always looked after children in some form or another. 

When I qualified as a teacher, I worked in a referral unit, helping the most vulnerable children in the community get the education and grades I knew they were capable of. There is nothing that I would rather do than help children and their parents! And I’ve always felt like this. Now, I love offering private tutoring services to children of all ages and specialise in boosting their confidence and grades in Maths, English, and Writing.

What my experience as a nanny has taught me

After more than twenty years of working with families, I can see that children need more than education alone. Typical problems in the family unit include lack of sleep, poor routines and unhealthy eating habits. I’m a firm believer that spending quality time as a family around the dinner table can do wonders for family life, and I’m passionate about helping families achieve that.

As a trained outside professional, I can identify areas that may be too difficult for those “in the trenches” to identify, or if they can, to know what to do with it. Instead of going in circles around these areas, asking well-meaning but untrained and biased friends and family, consider hiring me as your coach; I can get you “unstuck” and moving forward into the lovely life that you were meant to have.

Hannah Pekary Coaching

I’ve also witnessed mums trying to balance everything on their plate, desiring a business life outside the home, and yet struggling to fit it all in. My heart goes out to all women who have the courage to start a business, and I want to do everything in my power to help them succeed! Therefore, you will see a balanced approach of personal and business coaching in Hannah Pekary Coaching, since I know how much one area affects the other. 

As a nanny, I have seen that a holistic approach is required if you’re going to reach the happy and fulfilled family life you deserve. Whether you need help with the home life, the business aspect of life, or your child needs specific help in school, we can set up a Zoom call and get you started on the journey!

Pekary Dance School

Pekary Dance School is also a business close to my heart, and if you are in the nearby area, please give it a try! I’ve loved working in person with students, from very young to almost adulthood, and have seen them blossom from shy wallflower to confident performer, smiling as they accept the applause of their audience. I enjoy sharing my passion for dance with children, and if you’d like to see your child learn to dance in a warm and caring atmosphere, I’d love to teach them! Although I am professionally trained, you won’t find harsh, demanding attitudes in my studio!

However you happened to find me today, I am so grateful that you have stopped by to find out more! As you can see, my various areas of expertise overlap and intertwine, and if any of this sounds like what you are dealing with and longing for, book a free, no-pressure call for any of the services you are interested in today! While you are at it, please do sign up for the newsletter below, where I enjoy sharing what’s current and often will give you the earliest discounts and news

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Your Family and Business Coach, 


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