Whether you are a family looking for tutoring services, a businesswoman who needs help running a business and a household at the same time, or are looking for improvement in your dance abilities, I’m here to help! 

 I’ve spent over twenty years helping families just like yours to manage their health, routine, education and more. My friends and family know me as the lady who is always there for them. The one who will drop everything to step in and support them when they need it most!

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Hello, I’m Hannah Pekary

 From help and advice around sleeping, getting a healthy balanced diet and better family communication right through to helping teenagers pass their exams, I’m here to help. Don’t waste time struggling. 

Alongside this, I have successfully run businesses for the last 15 years and so have learned how to create healthy habits within my business that have aligned me to create a positive mindset and stay focused on what matters. Now, I’m ready to teach you all I’ve learned!

 Book a free discovery call today and take the first step towards the fulfilled life you deserve. We will discuss in a short, pressure-free chat what your needs are and how I can best serve you!

Hannah Pekary Coaching

Reconnect with your family, enjoy time together without stress, eat well, sleep well, and get the on-going support you need to keep your routines in place. You have four coaching levels to choose from, including FREE support via my Facebook group, my membership area and 1:1 coaching. 

School Tuition Services

Boost school grades and watch your child thrive when you book private tutoring for your child.

Specialising in English and Maths, I’m a fully qualified teacher ready to help you build the confidence you and your child need to thrive in education, as well as guide them in the tools and processes that your child needs. 

Pekary School of Dance

Local to the Cardiff, Wales, area, Pekary School of Dance offers classes in Tap, Ballet, Contemporary, Ballroom & Latin.

My methods combine the discipline of dance with the joy of movement. 

I’ve seen so many dancers go from wallflowers to confident performers! 

Contact me for upcoming online dance lessons.

Feedback from my lovely clients

Life during lockdown might have been very different if we had not found Hannah. We were experiencing a lot of conflict as we tried to settle into a ‘new normal’ when schools closed down, and Hannah helped us to quickly achieve a happy equilibrium. On a parenting level, I was very grateful to have the support of Hannah and her family coaching. I was lucky enough to be able to continue working throughout the summer, but I often felt overwhelmed. Hannah helped me to calmly deal with stressful situations and conflict and gave me systems and routines to help limit them. At the same time as helping me, Hannah also tutored my daughter, who sat fully engaged for each two-hour virtual session. Hannah is gentle, encouraging and firm when she needs to be, and I highly recommend her.


Hannah has tutored both of my children during lockdown,and they love her lessons! It is a weight off my mind to know that they are not only learning but enjoying it too. The level of work challenges them but she very quickly picks up on their levels whether it be academic or confidence levels and adapts, there is lots of positive reinforcement so that they always feel like they are accomplishing. Hannah is incredibly kind and patient and
obviously loves children. I happily recommend her services.

Lucy H.

My son has been having lessons with Hannah… He adores her and has thrived under her tuition, and not just academically. Hannah has an incredible way with children, she is able to teach and build confidence in a calm, kind manner. It’s an incredible gift. I have been able to set [my son] up on the laptop for his online lessons and trust that Hannah will keep his attention even though she’s doing it all remotely. I would not hesitate to recommend Hannah if you are looking for some additional tutoring support.


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