Businesswoman, do you want to do everything for your home and business, but just feel…stretched?

Do you feel like you have it all together, or are you on the slippery slope of trying to juggle it all without dropping any one part of your daily life?

When life throws curve balls at you, do you question, “can I handle it this time?”

“Can I support my children through challenging times? Do I have enough energy to motivate myself through this next day?”

Your answer can be YES!! You can have the energy to take yourself through a busy day. You can come to work fully yourself, and be the woman your family needs you to be.

You can have the life that you desire. 

Connect with your family once again to sit around the table and communicate together.

It is possible to:

  • Talk issues over with your family instead of negative words and shouting, or avoidance and resentment.


  • Sit and eat at the table daily, joyfully discussing the events of the day together, instead of rushing food inbetween tasks and activities.


  • Work together as a loving team, instead of fighting over chores or passing off tasks to others.


  • Enjoy nutritious meals without protests, instead of eating unhealthy foods that you know aren’t helping you.


  • Your children can sleep, giving you quality evening time & a good nights’ rest yourselves.

Become the businesswoman you’ve always dreamed of being, without sacrificing the home life you heart is longing to have. 

It is possible to:

  • Know exactly what your business is about and what it really is.

  • Know who your customers and clients are, and meet their needs with healthy boundaries of your own.

  • Identify the areas that aren’t doing you service anymore, and bring in new habits and thinking patterns that do serve you, your customers and clients, and your family.

  • Make time for the people who really matter to you, without either of you feeling rushed. You can have quality relationships that are healthy and thriving.  

  • You can end the day, happy in the tasks you’ve accomplished, satisified, and still happy to plan ahead for good things in the future, without dread or stress. 

It is possible to have the life you dream of, and I am here to help you get there. 

Hello, I’m Hannah!

I am a Family and Business Coach, supporting families to connect again through healthy relationships, behaviours and creating positive identities. With my certificate from the Aligned Coaching Academy, as well as over 20 years of working with families nannying, tutoring, or coaching, I am well experienced in helping women thrive in their daily lives. I’ve seen it first-hand!

I also hold a bachelor’s degree of arts with dance in media and film, and have been a professional ballet dancer. I also hold a bachelor’s degree in education, and I am a tutor and a teacher.

I wear many hats. But whether a coach, tutor, or dance teacher, I bring a gentle and caring manner to all of the services that I can provide. I can walk you through how to bring equilibrium, joy, and peace back into your daily life! 

Ways To Work With Me

1:1 Coaching

Need some support to get you through a particularly tough spot in your personal life, home life or business? We can start making shifts in a 1:1 session to bring some clarity to your situation. 

  • Good for women who need a lot of value in a short amount of time

  • Works well for women who don’t want to wait

  • Best for those who want more personalized coaching

  • Works well for women who are shy, and need the solitude of being coached by themselves


Coming Soon!

 Solid Foundations Business Course

Click here to learn more about this opportunity to go from fuzzy concept or early business messiness to a confident, thriving businesswoman! You’ll not only get started, but you’ll have a solid foundation to help you overcome obstacles and be set up for long-term success!

Group Coaching Sessions

Perhaps you don’t know yet that you’re ready for full 1:1 coaching, but you’d like something to help you! Try out my group coaching sessions!

  • Good for women who want coaching, but aren’t ready to commit to 1:1 coaching yet

  • Works well for women who need a little coaching, and some answers, but can wait for more personalized, sustained coaching

  • Works best for women who aren’t shy to speak up or ask questions in group settings

  • Best for those who like comeraderie and peer groups (you can have both 1:1 and group interaction, if you prefer!)


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What Is It Like To Work With Me?

I had a 60 minute call with Hannah a few months ago due to my daugthers challenging behaviour and what I gained from that single call was invaluable.

She was flexible around my schedule and was very soft spoken. Hannah helped talk me through the issues I was experiencing and gave me excellent advice on how to handle the problem going forward.

I felt such a relief after consulting with her and after following some of her very simple recommendations I noticed such a difference in my daughter’s behaviour.

I would definitely use Hannah’s expertise in the future if things deteriorated again.

Elaine H.

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Lovely review from Clair A.

I have definitely enjoyed Hannah’s coaching. I’d been struggling with confidence to start a business, and I would still be stuck in the same spot without her coaching!

I didn’t even know what I was getting when I started, it just sounded good to me. I’ve gotten more than I had any idea was even available to me! I am SO thankful for this service, it’s not only helped me with my business, but it’s helping me to become a better person overall.

Her methods have been so kind and gentle, though; she’s never pushy or insistent. She lets you work at a pace that’s within your own capacity to handle.

I highly recommend her!


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