Know that your child is tutored with care and intention

I started tutoring with the aim to empower children to have the confidence to learn, as well as to love to learn and how to apply that learning in their own lives.

Education should be enjoyed and not a source of worry and anxiety, and that is why I am so dedicated to my students to help them overcome those fears.

Every child deserves to reach their full potential in life, and by giving them the right skills and encouragement, I feel fulfilled in my calling to help them in some of their most challenging years. 

I would be honored to help your child reach their full potential, as well, with my particular tutoring methods. See your child blossom in one of my teaching atmospheres!

Where else could you find a tutor with the skills of a coach and the nurturing of a nanny? 

Ways To Work With Me

1:1 Tutoring Sessions

Choose from Maths, English, or Writing

This is best for the child or teenager who thrives on personal, one-on-one interaction, or needs the most support. I can pinpoint their areas of need, help overcome post-COVID challenges, and get them back on track in their school progress!

Available for all ages (3-18)

  • Best option for accelerated results, as it allows for the most personalized content
  • Accommodates those with social anxiety and other challenges in group settings
  • Available in one-hour or two-hour time slots
  • starting from £40 per hour, limited slots available.

Parent Coaching

Currently available in 1:1 sessions

I am also a certified parent coach.  Not only can I tutor and coach children through their learning difficulties, but I am able to assist and coach you, as the parent, with those areas that just seem too difficult; areas of communication that you’re struggling with; and provide neutral support outside of the home dynamics.

  • Best for parents who want gentle, understanding advice and guidance for their parenting challenges

  • Available for parents of any age group

  • Talk to me about combination packages

  • Please enquire for pricing.

Group Tuition

Currently only offered for pre-teens and teens (KS4/Years 7-9; ages 11-14)

This is for the child who just needs a place to focus and work through their challenges, and enjoys working in groups.

Consider one of my group coaching options for your child, and find them thriving in school in no time at all!

Teen Accountability Program

Does your teen need help with their studies? Join my Teen Accountability Coaching Program, and see your teen learn goal setting, become a self-starter, and gain confidence as they approach their exam years!

Maths & English Combination Session

Weekly sessions covering level 10 Math and English. Your child will benefit from this package of help in two of the fundamental skills needed everywhere. 

  • Best option for smaller budgets

  • Good for extroverts or children who enjoy learning in groups

  • Gain the perspective and questions asked by peers

  • Feels less lonely when your teen realizes that they aren’t the only ones in need of these tutoring hours!

  • Starting from £60 for 2 hours


Free Resources

Not sure you’re ready to commit yet? I understand! It’s a big deal to choose a tutor for your child, and I absolutely want you to be confident when you choose me.

Please follow me on social media to not miss a thing! Also join my free Facebook group for parents, where we discuss parenting issues, find encouragement and support, and I often pop in with a training or free group coaching session!

If you like, schedule a free, no-pressure, high-information 15 minute chat via Zoom. I’ll do my best to answer your questions, and let you know exactly what I think would best benefit your child. Link is below!

What is it like to work with Hannah as a tutor?

Hannah has tutored both of my children during lockdown (5 years old and 9 years old) and they love her lessons! It is a weight off my mind to know that they are not only learning but enjoying it too.

The level of work challenges them but she very quickly picks up on their levels whether it be academic or confidence levels and adapts, there is lots of positive reinforcement, so that they always feel like they are accomplishing.

Hannah is incredibly kind and patient and obviously loves children. I happily recommend her services.

Lucy H.

My son (8 years old) has been having lessons with Hannah throughout lockdown. He adores her and has thrived under her tuition, and not just academically.

Hannah has an incredible way with children, she is able to teach and build confidence in a calm, kind manner.

It’s an incredible gift.

I have been able to set him up on the laptop for his online lessons and trust that Hannah will keep his attention even though she’s doing it all remotely.

I would not hesitate to recommend Hannah if you are looking for some additional tutoring support.

Anna F.P.

Hannah has really helped support my children (6 years old and 8 years old ) with their home schooling during the recent lockdown.

She has provided a much needed structure not only to their learning but their dayand really helped to engage them and continue their education.

She was literally a life saver!

Ella B.

Hannah Pekary headshot

Hi, I’m Hannah, and I am both an experienced tutor and a certified parent and teen coach, supporting families to connect again through healthy relationships , improved behaviours and ultimately creating positive identities.

Why should you choose me for tutoring your child? I have…

>A post-graduate certificate in education

>15 years’ teaching experience, including Pupil Reference Units, which provides education for those dealing with self-doubt, cultures of failure, and more, specializing in nurturing teenagers who fought the education system. 

>I’ve been the Head of Home Tuition in Newport, South Wales, creating a school and leading 15 other tutors

Whether your child is a bright student struggling with anxiety at school, or having difficulty grasping the concepts, know how to work with them. 

I help them with the core issues that are at the root of the problem. This will help them with their exams and with so much more in their lives!

I can pinpoint the lack of confidence or lack of knowledge your teen is struggling with, and get them the wins they need. 

I can help bring equilibrium, joy and peace back into your home.

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FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)

How can I know that tutoring is right for my child?

Tutoring comes in many formats, and you may be doubting the validity of getting a tutor. I can tell you now, your child will come back to their level quicker and have less damage to their self-esteem the sooner they get these problems solved! Eventually, they can save time and even money in higher education! 

Why would you recommend online tutoring?

I have experience in both in-person and online tutoring, and both are valid! If you’ve read this far, however, the very fact that you’re here tells me that some part of you knows that this is a good solution for your child.

Maybe they need to squeeze it in between other activities; maybe they prefer the comfort of home; or perhaps you’d like the opportunity to listen in and see where they are really at, while you do a household task.

Whatever the reason, try it out and see what improvements your child makes!

Why choose my tutoring services?

There are many reasons! Here are some of them:

1. My massive experience. Between my nannying years, my educator years, and my dance studio years, I have worked with a lot of children! I’m not new to this, and I will bring my experience to help your child.

2. The range of that experience. Not only have I worked with many children, but I have also worked with children who were in special units, outside the usual system. I know how to work with children who are anywhere from anxious about their grades to resentful for being there.

3. My education expertise. Why do I not offer science, history, or Latin? Because I haven’t been trained in it. I work in Maths, English, and Writing, because I’m confident in my ability to deliver, not because I am just trying to do “an easy job” and disappear with half-hearted results for your child. I’m passionate about delivering quality experience for you.

4. My coaching expertise. I am also a fully certified and practicing family coach. What does that mean for you? Not only can you get a tutor, but you have a tutor who knows how to identify and work with emotions, mental blocks, and so much more.

5. My personality! Seriously, my copywriter had to write this part, it’s not something I like to boast about! However, wherever I go, I am known for my sweet and patient personality. Check out one video or one group coaching call, and you’ll see why people like me. That being said, I’m no pushover! Your child won’t lack for accountability or firm guidance. It takes that to be a successful nanny, for sure!

6. The variety of options I offer. Many tutors offer their services on massive platforms, and that’s fine! However, when you work with me, you not only have the options for tutoring, your child can get to know me, and work with something like my Teen Accountability Program, which helps teens grow into the self-starter adults their parents wish them to be!

I care so much about helping you, that I’ve been creative to make packages and solutions that really meet your needs, and I am continually evaluating my services, so that I offer the best possible solutions!

What is your tutoring process like?

First, we will have a discovery call, where you and I and will get to know one another. I’ll meet your teen, and we will discuss areas of concern and goals for going forward. 

Then, I’ll send you contracts and invoices-all the special legal stuff that protects both of us! 

Finally, we will schedule (for 1:1 tuition) times, or you’ll get the information for my other programs. 

I’ll send you reminders, and we will have an effective time in our Zoom sessions!

I will send you regular feedback and updates, so that you are well-informed of your student’s progress, as well as my recommendations.

Depending on the program, we will discuss length of stay and ways to move forward. I will do my very best to assist your child as long as they need it! 

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