As we near the half way mark of the year, I have come to realise that I am spinning so many plates, that my focus is just on keeping them spinning!!

I’m sure you can relate to this?! 

We can all relate to spinning the housework, meals, cleaning, washing, school run, career/business, but what extra plates do you have?

  • Are you spinning a spouse plate?
  • Are you spinning a friendship plate?
  • Are you spinning an emotional attachment plate?
  • Are you spinning a carer plate?
  • Are you spinning an additional need plate?
  • Are you spinning a behavior plate?

Do you know how many plates you are spinning?

With spinning all of these plates guilt, fatigue, emotions and so much more. 

My life has become so busy focusing on which plate I will spin most today and the highest, (but don’t forget to spin all the other plates so they don’t crash!), that my energy can be focused more on controlling that plate than dealing with. 

How are you focusing your energy, time and need between your plates?

This year has been hard on us all, but we know that, as women, we are more inclined to take on more of the responsibility within the home, work and everyday life. 

So how do you plan on working your life so that these plates are manageable, and you don’t feel so stressed and worn out keeping them all spinning? 

For me, I have decided that I am lowering some plates that can’t possibly be worked on right now, due to factors out of my control, such as Covid. This has allowed me to then focus on what is in my control and create a process. 

In this process, I am working on my daily Healthy Habits so that they will be successful and in turn, I can prolong their success. 


My top tips to you today would be to:

  1. Write down all the plates you are spinning.
  2. Write down the order in which you want to work through them.
  3. Create a strategy to keep that plate spinning. This may look as simple as getting some childcare, or a cleaner. Or it may be that you need to work through the nature and source of your guilt so that you can focus on whether it should be spun. 

These are your plates to spin. However, you are allowed to talk about your plates and give them & yourself a voice. In doing this you will own them on a deeper level and create a process that works for you. 

Take care of yourself. 

You’ve made it to May, you are amazing. 

Hannah xxx

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