Hi and welcome to Healthy Habit Coaching with Hannah.

 Thank you so much for following me either on Facebook or Instagram, or maybe both! Secondly for reading this blog and so being at the start of my new journey as I take you forward in to understanding what habits you have in your life & your families. Whether they are working for you and if not, what tweaks you can make to give you & your family the love and care you need for a more fulfilled life. 

 To introduce myself. I’m Hannah and I have been a nanny for over 20 years.

During those 20 years I have not only nannied, I have grown my own dance school, trained to be a teacher, supported many individuals and families to understand the nutrition that they need and how to develop this in to their already busy lifestyle, alongside so much more!

Through Healthy Habit Coaching with Hannah, I will show you and your family how to work together effectively through communication and love.

 You will learn what habits you have in your life and home, whether these are healthy or not.

 How you can change them.

 How to communicate and support your family in making these changes.

 Then you will start to see the impact you will get from your family and how you feel more nourished in your own life.

 I look forward to meeting you all and if you do have any questions just send me an inbox or a message.

 Hannah xxx